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It's not enough to go it alone in today's business environment. Strategic alliances, networking and business partnerships have become all important. Knowing where to go to find information in the information age is also a key to success.

Use our business resources pages to help find some of those key organizations and places to find the information you need to do business in Iowa. We'll also be presenting some ideas that have been used successful as others have started or grown their businesses.For tips on getting started and running a small business we recommend you have a look at

Successfully running a small business involves many things and a business owner depends on finding reliable sources of information. While you might be an expert in your business, you will most likely need good resources for licensing information, business gas advice, help with human resources and a variety of other topics that will affect your business.

The most important thing to remember about starting a business is innovation. Make sure it’s fresh, make sure it’s new, and make sure it’s something that it’s in constant demand to guarantee long-term success. Create a business that offers a service or product that will generate success because it’s useful, it’s widely sensationalized and is essential for every day living. To find out more information for your business, have a look at the following resources to get your ideas flowing.



  • State Offices - Find resources for licenses, tax information, corporation filings, etc.
  • Small Business Information - If you know where to look, there's help out there for businesses
  • Associations - Sometimes it helps to network with others who are working in similar fields.
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